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Strength performance


product Overview

Fit A.I is here to re-define sports and fitness technology and our first product is tailored for college athletic programs. Our goal is to provide powerful yet affordable tools to institutions that will create a new technological frontier to power athletic performance through data.

Data management

With advancing tech on the field and in the weight room, coaches find themselves spending outrageous hours "behind the keyboard" transferring and managing thousands of data points. Fit A.I will record and process the key barbell metrics, whether VBT training or testing, we let coaches spend more time on the floor and less behind a screen.

instant feedback

As new tools provide new dimensions to strength training, more and more coaches leverage various data sources to grow and develop superior athletes. Velocity, Power, Displacement, Force, Transitional Force Gap, Drop/Pull/Push time? Fit A.I has every metric and tool a strength coach might need.

software integration

It's a numbers game, we and 17 other software storage and analytics providers get it. Yet we're here to help and not to brawl, so we are happy to let coaches choose their platform of preference, whether it's Excel, Volt, CoachMePlus or any other software product out there. 


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